Hakko Dial-type Temperature Limiting Soldering Iron FX600 Review

The Hakko Dial-type temperature limiting soldering iron is one soldering iron with a difference. Made by Japanese company Hakko Inc., the brand has been releasing top quality soldering equipment for over 50 years. The Hakko Dial-type soldering iron is well built and according to various users, is the next best thing to a soldering station.

The Hakko FX600 soldering iron heats up very easily and immediately, and utilizes the regular T18 tips. Asides being thoroughly well made, users have praised the ability of the Japanese firm to create a very compact temperature control system on a small body.

Several users have praised its durability and long-lasting tendencies, citing that it is a more powerful soldering tool compared to some the most expensive soldering stations around. This Hakko Dial-type temperature limiting soldering iron FX600 is best used to solder electronic components, but can solder glass materials.

The Hakko Dial-type soldering iron works pretty well on lead-free solder, and is great to be used in fixing small electronics, soldering of IC/LED and PWB equipment among others.

We already said it utilizes the T18 series soldering tips, and what you should know is that these T18 series tips feature a redefined appearance, as well as an internal structure which sees it deliver improved heat conduction. The tips can be used to achieve great heat recovery without needing to increase power consumption.

The Hakko Dial-type soldering iron has an LED indicator which informs you when your set temperature has been reached. There’s a control knob to adjust and set your desired temperature. If you are not content with the temperature gauge and would prefer to have a locked temperature, you can do so by removing the central screw of the soldering iron and detaching the control knob.

Once you have detached it, you can set your preferred temperature setting using the dedicated lock key provided. This step was put in place to ensure the temperature cannot be easily manipulated without the provided dedicated lock key.

It is recommended to use a Philips screwdriver #00 to remove or tighten the screw on the control knob of the soldering iron to prevent damaging the head of the screw.


  • The Hakko Dial-type soldering iron features an LED indicator which informs when the set temperature is reached. Once the LED lighting is off, it means the soldering iron is cooling down; once it’s blinking it means it has attained the desired temperature; and once its light is steady it means it is heating up.
  • There’s a turn CAL if you desire more temperature.
  • It features a temperature controller which is built into the grip of the soldering iron.
  • You can easily adjust the temperature of the iron using the control knob by just rotating or turning the knob to any of the listed temperature settings.
  • If you desire an accurate temperature outside of the listed temperature scale, just open the knob and set as desired using parts of the high heat FX601 which are interchangeable with that of the FX600.


  • The Hakko Dial-type temperature limiting soldering iron is sturdily built and made to last.
  • The Hakko FX600 temperature limiting soldering iron is made to last and manufactured by a trustworthy and highly revered Japanese company.
  • It features an LED light which functions to show you different phases of the heat change, from cooling down to attaining the required temperature level and finally to overheating, a unique addition to Hakko FX600 soldering tool.
  • The Hakko FX600 parts can be interchanged with those of the Hakko FX601, which is a higher capacity model, so you not only get higher capacity reachability, but also save the money which would have been used to upgrade your soldering iron.
  • The Hakko FX600 is not as expensive as other soldering tools.
  • This heat-limiting soldering iron is also very versatile and can be used for various soldering and electronic repairs.
  • This Hakko FX600 Dial-type temperature limiting soldering iron heats up easily—usually taking less than 30 seconds to heat up enough to begin smelting and soldering.
  • The Hakko FX600 uses the common and popular T18 tips, so even if you damage the tip, you can easily replace it.


  • The shipping period could be overbearing as it mostly ships from Japan.
  • A few users have complained that it doesn’t really work well for stained glass.
  • It doesn’t come with a soldering stand.


The Hakko FX600 Dial-type temperature limiting soldering iron is one of the best for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect soldering tool. It heats up relatively quickly and sticks to your set temperature.

If you need to have a greater heat capacity, you can just as easily swap parts with the better model FX601. Relatively inexpensive and does the job perfectly.