Top 4 Weller Soldering Station Reviews

Weller soldering stations are some of the most trusted soldering products in the world. The company traces its roots back to 1940, and the top-of-the-line stations it produces today feature digital readouts, pushbutton controls and various wattages depending on your needs. Weller makes smaller soldering stations for the hobbyist or powerful, 240-watt stations for industrial use in factories.

weller soldering station

Weller soldering stations undergo demanding research and development before they become a staple of the production line. The stations also undergo rigorous quality control. The stations are part of Weller’s world-class soldering systems that include tips tested in Germany, high-powered heating elements and an ergonomically designed iron.

High End Soldering Stations

The beauty of a contemporary Weller soldering station is that they cater to the needs of what tinkerers need most. People who solder need to know the precise temperature of the soldering iron, especially when working with particular materials. People also need to see how fast the soldering iron heats up and cools down during its operation.

The highest-end stations also provide handy storage for when the iron isn’t in use, and a huge power button for people to push when wearing work gloves. Each station is easy to operate and provides a large screen to see through goggles, working glasses and any smoke produced by the soldering process.

Digital stations connect to computers for easy configuration when it comes to automation. For factory use, this leads to consistency and quality with each connection you make with the soldering tip. Digital technology takes this decades-old craft to new heights for inventors and production lines alike.

For Hobbyists in the Garage

Lower-end stations don’t have the digital tools that factories need. However, they still give inventors, small-time operators and hobbyists a solid piece of equipment to use in the garage or shop. If you love creating circuit boards, connecting wires and making new devices with your hands, Weller soldering stations help turn your dreams into a reality with lower-cost stations that help fuel your imagination.

The value of buying a Weller soldering station includes having decades of engineering behind each product. Weller’s craftsmanship is second to none, and the computer readouts and software capabilities allow you to fine-tune your electronics with precision.

Weller’s products help keep your work area safe and secure while working on your latest project. Insert your hot iron into the receptacle to keep it out of the way when you’re on break or taking a look at your schematics. The base underneath the receptacle provides a place for a cleaning sponge if you want one, or the shallow dish contains debris from your tip.

No matter what type of Weller soldering station you buy, your work table becomes better when you have a Weller product sitting on it.  You’ll see what we mean when you examine these top four Weller soldering stations for the price.

WLC100 40-Watt Weller Soldering Station

Weller’s WLC100 40-watt soldering station is Amazon’s number one bestseller in soldering stations, and Amazon reviewers give it 4.5 stars out of 5 over more than 900 online reviews. Customers obviously love this soldering station, and you should take a closer look at this device as well if you’re a hobbyist or do-it-yourselfer based out of your garage.

WLC 100 Weller Soldering Station


This Weller soldering station has a light-up on/off switch that indicates when the power is on. That way, there’s no guessing whether or not the station is active. When you see the bright orange light on, you know that your soldering iron is hot and ready to go, and that increases your safety and security as you work. The button is large enough for you to activate with your gloved fingers. The button is both out of the way towards the top of the station while remaining easy to reach above the control knob.

A large knob controls wattages from 5 to 40 watts. Simply turn the knob from setting 1 up to setting 4 to reach a precise wattage. The power changes how fast or slow your soldering iron heats up and cools down, and you most certainly can appreciate a soldering iron that reaches a precise temperature at a certain time. Temperature is the key when it comes to working with solder. Plus, a tip that heats up too fast wears out more quickly compared to tips that heat up slowly.

The plug on the side provides a power base for your tip. Simply plug in the tip for up to 300 watts of power. The plug allows for any soldering iron to go there, but the soldering iron that comes with this station is ideal for such a purpose.

The soldering iron itself has a foam grip for your hands so they don’t get tired after spending several hours performing precision solders. The pencil iron has a copper tip surrounded by iron plate for high-efficiency heat distribution. The iron also has a replaceable heating element, which means all you need is a replacement part without buying an entirely new iron so long as you maintain it properly and keep it clean.

Cleaning your iron is easy with a natural sponge tip cleaning pad beneath the iron stand. Just wipe your iron on the sponge every so often to keep the tip free from debris. Weller adds value to its product thanks to pre-tinned tips covered in a thin even coat of tin/lead solder on top of the chromium and nickel plating that protects against corrosion.


  • Good price for the tools you get
  • Easy-to-use power knob and adjustment controls.
  • Works with just about any Weller ST accessory, including other tips.
  • Plug for the soldering iron tip
  • Foam grip for comfort
  • Heats up quickly
  • Price


  • Power adjustment not listed in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Not good for factories or industrial uses


  • Great for use in your home shop or garage
  • Ideal for small projects that need intricate work, such as small circuit boards and small electronic

WLC200 80-Watt Stained Glass Weller Soldering Station

Double the wattage of the WLC-100 with the WLC-200 80-watt stained glass soldering station. This station looks and behaves exactly the same as the previous model, except this one’s power knob goes from 5 watts up to 80 watts. The wattage means the temperature gets higher and quicker. At a higher watt rating, you have a wider range of projects you can complete in your garage or small shop.

Weller WLC200 Soldering Station


This soldering station features a prominent on/off switch that shows when the power is active. That way, there’s no guessing whether or not the iron is hot. When you see the bright orange light on, you know that your soldering iron is primed and ready to go for your next project. The orange light increases your safety and security before you start working since you know the iron is warm before you pick it up. The large button allows you to turn the iron on or off with your gloved fingers. The button is easy to reach above the control knob, and it sits far enough away from other elements of the station so you can toggle it quickly.

A control knob lets you change wattages from 5 to 80 watts. Simply turn the knob from setting 1 up to setting 4 to reach a precise power rating. Your wattage level changes how fast or slow your soldering iron reaches a certain temperature. You can appreciate this tool because it heats quickly and efficiently once you activate it. Temperature remains the most important factor when it comes to working with different varieties of solder, and this station works perfectly to fit the needs of your small project.

The station comes with a lightweight pencil iron that contains a foam grip. Both the weight and the foam make it easier for your hands so they don’t get tired after spending several hours performing precise movements. The pencil iron has a copper tip surrounded by iron plate for high-efficiency heat distribution. The iron also has a replaceable heating element, which reduces your repair costs over time as you replace a part rather than the entire iron.

Cleaning your iron is easy with the sponge cleaning pad beneath the iron stand. Just wipe your iron after a couple of minutes to keep the tip free from debris and buildup from your diligent work. Weller adds value to its product thanks to pre-tinned tips so you don’t have to perform this maintenance step. This station is ready to use as soon as you unpack it and heat up the iron.


  • Great iron included
  • Power controls up to 80 watts
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to see power button
  • Cleaning station below holder


  • Price
  • No plug for adding other irons
  • Not good for industrial applications


  • Great for home-based garage or shop work for individual inventors
  • Good starter station for first-time tinkerers

WES51 Analog Weller Soldering Station

Weller’s WES51 analog soldering station takes the first two stations mentioned in this review and expands upon them. Rather than a single piece of hardware to make a smaller station, this one goes into two distinct parts. One is the control station that allows you to change the power with an analog dial. The second part is the stand itself with a dedicated cleaning station with a sponge.

Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station


The powered portion of the station contains an easy-to-use power button for turning the station on and off. An orange light comes on when the station activates. That way, you know the iron is heating up or already hot.

The analog dial is what makes this soldering station a must-have for your garage or shop. Rather than marks for wattage, the dial starts at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and works up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial has white tick marks that indicate intervals of 10 degrees. This precise control lets you work on tons of projects because you have plenty of soldering options no matter what kind of alloy or mixture you require.

The receptacle is separate from the control unit. This portion of the soldering station holds the soldering iron snugly and securely so it doesn’t wiggle out when you need to put the iron down for a few minutes. The receptacle is sturdy metal, and the hole closest to you has a snug-fit ring on it to prevent the tool from slipping out accidentally.

Below the receptacle sits a spot for the sponge. A small, wet sponge cleans debris from the tip of the soldering iron to prevent buildup and to help maintain the optimum transfer of heat from the tip to the solder itself. The sponge stays put and out of the way of your workpiece while you focus on your task at hand.

A long cord stretches from the power unit to give you plenty of room to freely move the soldering tip. That way, you can place the power unit on one side of your work table and the receptacle on the other. Feel free to place both parts near each other if you prefer to have all of the controls on one side while the rest of the space is for your circuitry project.

The automated controls on this soldering station make it worth the extra cost. After 90 minutes of inactivity, the unit powers down to prevent overheating and tip damage. Wireless controls keep the workstation from reaching temperatures higher than recommended for your workpiece or circuitry. The automated controls make this an ideal tool for a factory environment, at least on a small scale.


  • Two stations, one for power and one for the receptacle
  • Precise temperature controls from 350 to 850 degrees
  • Automated processes for added capability
  • Durable construction
  • Long cord for large work spaces


  • Analog rather than digital temperature readout
  • Not compatible with other brands of soldering tips


  • Home shop or garage use
  • Precise temperature controls and wireless capability make for industrial applications

WESD51 Digital Weller Soldering Station

The WESD51 digital soldering station displays the working temperature between 350 and 850 degrees Fahrenheit in LEDs. Switch between degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your needs. A microchip controls the temperature, and all you do is turn the dial to the setting you require. A heat sensor puts your Fahrenheit reading within 9 degrees of accuracy.

Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station


This soldering station shuts down after 99 minutes of inactivity to prevent overheating and tip damage. Automated features make this soldering station a gem compared to the other three in this review. For example, you can lock in the temperature setting to prevent someone else from changing it for when you need to maintain the same temperature for a particular build. These controls happen wirelessly, so you control the temperature from a location not included within the station. This prevents damage to your current project if you mistakenly set your soldering iron to the wrong temperature.

As with the WES51 model, this station has two main components. The power and control module contains the power button, temperature readout, temperature knob and the plug for the soldering tip. The other component has a receptacle and flat surface for a sponge. The soldering tip itself has a foam grip for easy use during long periods of soldering. The extra-long cord lets you put either component on opposite sides of your work table if you prefer that type of configuration. This model gives you pretty much everything you need for a home garage or shop all the way up to factory applications.


  • Wireless lockout feature prevents tampering with temperature
  • Digital readout clearly displays current temperature
  • Automated controls keep your station safe
  • Receptacle contains spot for sponge for easy cleaning of the tip


  • Price, but worth every penny
  • For more advanced people already familiar with soldering


  • Use for home, shop or garage for experienced hobbyists
  • Great for factory setting due to advanced controls

Weller Soldering Station Conclusion

Each soldering station in this review has a distinct purpose. The first two have fewer features, but the lower prices make them ideal for hobbyists first starting out with soldering electronic parts. When you’re just starting to put circuit boards and wires together with little pieces of metal, a basic soldering station works just fine. As you experiment with different solders, temperatures and connections, a lower-cost solution works the best so you can have fun with your electronics as you take apart and rebuild things from scratch.

The latter two soldering stations offer many more tools needed for industrial applications or serious inventors. These include precise temperature controls, a separate power station and receptacle, and a long cord for extra reach on bigger work tables. Wireless applications also help control your work better, and higher temperature settings mean you get to work on a wider variety of builds.

Any of these soldering stations are good choices because of the Weller name. However, beginners should choose either of the first two options while more advanced tinkerers should go for either of the last two stations in this review.

Thank you for reading our review of these Weller soldering stations!