Weller WP35 35-Watt Professional Soldering Iron Review

The Weller WP35 professional soldering iron is manufactured by a leading and well-known brand in the soldering equipment market since 1945. The company is not only recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the soldering equipment market, but also a strong force known in the advanced electronic rework and repair equipment market.

The company also deals with sophisticated industrial applications, and churns out numerous products for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

The Weller WP35 35-Watt Professional Soldering Iron is a very long lasting smelting device which users all over the world have praised for its durability, seemingly lasting up to 40 years. The Weller WP35 35-Watt Professional Soldering Iron is a general purpose soldering iron, so can be used for just about any soldering needs.

It features a unique temperature-controlled tip with a magnetic shank added to the tip. This functions as a temperature regulator, keeping the temperature steady when working.

The Weller WP35 soldering iron has a 3-wire AC cord which is plugged in to a power source. Once connected, the soldering iron heats up pretty quickly, and users have said it does not overheat, even after several hours of use.

The soldering iron comes with a chisel tip as well as a pencil tip, which is capable of joining larger SMD works. It’s noteworthy that the advantage of not overheating is pretty important if you are going to be working with a pencil tip, as some other types of soldering irons tend to overheat and melt away the pencil tips in hours.

This Weller soldering iron, on the other hand, has been praised by users in the past for standing the test of time and not melting away like Radio Shack’s and other irons do.

It is ideal for undertaking a wide range of electronic tasks. The Weller WP35 35-watt soldering iron uses ST series iron-plated tips which are double coated and long lasting.

The ST3 tips of the Weller WP35 Professional Soldering Iron are held together firmly by a tough clamping method, so they don’t just come off and won’t come off after repeated use in a to – fro, hot and cold cycle. The WP35 is compatible with other tips for various soldering needs including the ST5 and ST8, which reaches a fine point just like a sharpened wood pencil.

The WP35 35-watt, 120-Volt professional soldering iron heats up to produce up to 850° Fahrenheit of heat.


  • The Weller WP35 is ideal for a wide range of electronics tasks and repair work
  • The soldering iron uses ST series tips, which are made of high quality, double-coated, iron-plated and long lasting.
  • Reaches a very high 850° Fahrenheit
  • The WP35 soldering iron has a quick-change collar and stainless steel barrel.
  • Has a single color—light Blue
  • The handles are made with a cushion-grip feel.


  • The Weller WP35 35-Watt Professional Soldering Iron is one of longest lasting soldering irons on the market, usually lasting up to 40 years, according to users.
  • It is made by a well-respected brand in the soldering equipment market. The brand has been offering soldering and electronics equipment for 70 years.
  • The soldering iron is very comfortable to hold for long periods, as it is well balanced and doesn’t get hot irregularly.
  • The tips of the Weller WP35 are very durable and don’t melt away like some other soldering irons after consistent use.
  • The WP35 soldering iron can house various other tips asides the ST3; tips of other ST series—the ST5 and ST8 can be used for various other soldering tasks.


  • The major disadvantage is that the Weller WP35 soldering iron doesn’t come with a stand, so you would have to buy or build your own stand if you plan on setting it down after use.
  • There’s also no sponge to clean the soldering iron after use, which is pretty important as well.
  • The cushy grip of the soldering iron isn’t expected to last forever and might disintegrate after a few years—usually after 10 to 20 years which is rather fair for a reasonably priced soldering iron.


The Weller WP35 professional soldering iron is a worthy companion for any and every hobbyist who wants to create or fix his own electronic device. The device is perfect for performing soldering tasks—wiring, switches etc. With its long-lasting capabilities, you could be saving yourself the stress of replacing the iron in a few years if you opt for this.

This Weller WP35 35-Watt Professional Soldering Iron is also made by a professional and highly revered brand with over 70 years of experience; this tells you that the company knows what they are offering and are true to their word.